Scoring Machine system. General acquaintance

General acquaintance

The “Scoring Machine” system is an application with which you can easily build a scoring model, if necessary, manually edit it, and also easily conduct testing. Using the application does not require specific knowledge.
Everything you need you can get by reading the instructions. This means that if you have never built a scoring model, then with the help of the “Scoring Machine” you can still build a high-quality model and use it.
And if you have at least minimal knowledge of building scoring models, you know what WoE is and how to calculate it, then “Scoring Machine” when using advanced settings will become your indispensable companion, which will calculate all the necessary data in a short time simply from the uploaded file with data for analysis. The system makes it possible to edit the final attributes and immediately carry out testing on any of the saved models, due to which the time for building or calibrating the scoring model will be reduced tenfold.
Below you can find the main blocks of the application.
Until a successful login (login/registration/password recovery process, etc.), the application will look like this:


Where:1 - This is a platform language change. Currently 3 languages are available (English, Ukrainian, Russian).
2 - This is a transition to the general information site from the portal. In case you are looking for help or contact information.
3 - Form for filling and sending data. For example, to log in the site:- account (your email to which you registered);- password;For other processes, the forms have a different set of data.
4 - Block with additional links to go to other pages (login, registration, password recovery form).
After logging in, there will be several blocks for your attention. Access to these blocks and their individual functions depends on the level of your subscription. Therefore, if you do not have access to some block or function, then first of all check your subscription level, in the description for each subscription you will find information that is possible if you have one or another subscription. The best option is level 5. All features and functions are available, and when you purchase a subscription for several months at once, you also get a good discount.


1 - Button to expand or narrow the menu on the left.
2 - Change the platform language.
3 - Log out as an authorized user.
4 - Email of support in case of questions.
5 - Go to the main page - Welcome instructions. In this section, you can view the content and main links on using the platform to quickly navigate to the desired page with instructions on how to use the platform at one stage or another.
6 - Block "My profile". This block has various sections where you can edit your profile and data in it, change your password, change your email address, view possible subscription options and purchase or renew an existing one, view your payment history.More details about the block "My profile" here.
7 - Block "Creating a model". Here it is possible to build a new model, configure the construction of a scoring model with general or advanced settings, view ready-made models, edit them, export the finished model data to an excel file.More details about the block "Creating a model" here.
8 - Block "Testing the scoring model". Here it is possible to upload a data file and create a test for the activated scoring model. View tests for all models that are in the system, add a name and description, and export test data to an excel file.More details about the "Testing the scoring model" block here.
Familiarize yourself with the possibilities of using each unit and use the system to its full potential. Building a forecast and making decisions in your processes will become easy and affordable with "Scoring Machine".