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No-Code AIScoring Making Platform

Smart product powered by machine learning to help you create scoring models without specific knowledges. Just upload your data and build models with high predictive power using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

About Scoring Machine

Scoring Machine is the system for creating Scoring models and making tests for these models.

Scoring Machine scoring-making software works with raw or structured historical data. Fast performance, friendly interface, and prediction accuracy are its key competitive advantages. This system is friend for each person, who try make a scoring model. AI algorithms help to lift the curtain over the future: simulate, compare, and fuel your business decisions.
There is no need to have ML engineers or large teams of data scientists on board. Scoring Machine automated platform can process historical data (builds, validates, and deploys risk models) in minutes or hours, but not days or months.

Possibilities and Advantages

Personal algorithms

Ability to export results to Excel

Ability to save multiple models

Personal algorithms

Personal algorithms

You can use personal algorithms to create a scoring model. To do this, Scoring Machine provides the possibility of advanced and standard settings for each user.

Possibilities for Scoring types

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    Application Scoring

    The ability of the software to work with massive amounts of data can simplify the application scoring by identifying creditworthy borrowers in various industries. Using historical data of your business, Scoring Machine can increase the returns in online loans, auto finance, POS lending, and more.

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    Credit Scoring

    Banks and fintech companies can leverage top-notch machine learning solutions to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional tools for creating credit scoring. With the help of no-code software, lenders can find the optimum balance between the missed profit and commeasurable risks and build scoring model easylier and faster then usually.

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    Marketing Scoring

    It is always important to know which channel is best to use for a marketing campaign. But for each client, his own channel may be important, to which he will respond. That is why, with the help of Scoring Machine, users need build predictive models for marketing in order to better understand which channels of communication with which users to use for the best effect.

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    Collection Scoring

    The solution helps to prioritize debtors with a higher chance for a fast payback. Decision-making software empowers collection by accurate predictions. It suggests using collection tools (calls, messages, or other) depending on the scoring parameters. As a result, collection businesses improve their productivity and avoid wasting time on non-performing debts.

Our process for building Scoring Model

  • 1

    Prepare a file with historical data

    First, you need to prepare a file with historical data to select the necessary attributes. It is important to prepare the file with the rules of Scoring Machine.

  • 2

    Create a scoring model

    To create a model, you only need to upload a file with historical data to the system

  • 3

    Check completed model

    To check a model and create a test, you only need to upload a file with historical data to the system

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